Refunds & Cancellations

EDGE's subscription plans—Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual—are non-refundable. By subscribing, you confirm your agreement to start your subscription immediately upon payment and consent to receive access to all subscription contents as outlined on

Gaining access to the Discord Community and the Private Members Area, including Video Education & Content, activates your membership and signifies the redemption of services.

The EDGE "Monthly" subscription is subject to automatic monthly billing, which continues unless you opt to cancel. Subscribing to this plan signifies your acceptance and agreement to these terms. You may cancel your "Monthly" subscription at any time.

Similarly, the EDGE "Quarterly" subscription undergoes automatic billing every quarter. Your subscription to this plan indicates your agreement to these conditions. You have the option to cancel the "Quarterly" subscription at any point before the next billing cycle.

The EDGE "Annual" Subscription is automatically billed yearly unless you choose to cancel. Your subscription to this plan indicates your acceptance of these terms. You may cancel the "Annual" subscription at any point before the next billing cycle to avoid future charges.

By subscribing to any EDGE plan, you acknowledge and accept these terms.

At any time, you may cancel your EDGE subscription, retaining access to the EDGE platform until the end of your current billing cycle.

To cancel your subscription to the EDGE trading community, utilize the Account feature on the EDGE website or reach out to us via email through our Contact Page. Please include the email address used for signup along with your Discord username and ID for verification.

Ensure cancellation requests are emailed at least 48 hours before your subscription's renewal date to allow adequate time for processing.

EDGE cannot be held accountable for failure to cancel subscriptions before the renewal date; refunds will not be issued under these circumstances. In such cases, you will retain access to EDGE content and the community for one additional month. Please note, that disputing subscription charges without following proper cancellation procedures will lead to immediate termination of your access to EDGE services, and we will inform payment providers of this agreement's terms.

For more details on circumstances that may lead to account termination and its implications, kindly consult our Terms & Conditions.

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